Korean Language & Culture Center

Institute of Arts and Culture

Institute of Arts and Culture


The institute of arts and culture was established in 1996, started as the institute of molding, to establish the position of cultural contents in the fusion/complex era and to contribute to development of cultural industry through close industry and academic cooperation system.
This institute conducts the various industry and academic cooperation research on performance, film, design, dance and music and plans the development strategy on the Korean cultural contents industry through the exchange with other related institutes as well as the opening the seminar and workshop.

Main Business

  • Academic research of professor and researchers and industry and academic cooperation research and consultant
  • Data collection and research on cultural contents field
  • Exchange and joint study with research institute
  • Report the research result and publication of paper collection
  • Hosting academic seminar and workshop
  • Exhibition and presentation

Research Activity

  • Inquiry research on the status and exhibition technique of exhibition design of museum in the US
  • Research and development of chafing dish design-hotel restaurant for export
  • Hosting annual lecture, special lecture and academic seminar
  • Integration of image of Youido sports center
  • Stage design for musical, Rock hamlet
  • Special performance for 50th anniversary of death of Kimgu