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Institute of Traditional Culture

Institute of Traditional Culture


The institute of traditional culture was established in 1996 to ensure the identity of Koreans and raise the pride as civilized people through the reassessment work on our cultural assets that have been overlooked so far. For this purpose, the institute of traditional culture conducts the arrangement of old books, promotion of renewal the museum and research activity on Buddhism arts etc and undergo in-depth academic activity , ‘Danho Culture Research’.

Main Business

  • Opening of comprehensive museum and establishment related departments
  • Hosting regular liberal arts lecture in every semester
  • Publication of ‘Danho Culture Research’, the specialized academic research paper collection
  • Consecutive security of related data
  • Hosting the annual academic conference
  • Research on local and local history

Research Activity

  • Research No. 34 of intangible cultural asset in Gyeonggi-do
  • Hosting annual academic conference in the institute of traditional culture
  • Publication of ‘Danho Culture Research’
  • Publication of collection of Yongin-si history
  • Hosting opened calligraphy lecture
  • Hosting opened hypogastric breathing lecture