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Institute of Special Physical Education

Institute of Special Physical Education


The institute of special physical education was established in 1998 to establish the theoretical basis and develop the special physical education by developing practical use of program through the industry and academic research activity such as disabled physical education, child physical education and senior physical education. For this purpose, the institute of special physical education is actively participating in the business such as publication business and educational business, information center, hosting the academic conference and seminars and disabled clinic center.

Main Business

  • Research on the exercise program to improve the competitiveness of disabled people
  • Operation of reeducation program for special physical education instructor and parents
  • Development of physical education course and teaching method in special school
  • Publication of papers and news papers for special physical education
  • Publication of guidelines for special physical education
  • Operation of disabled clinic center

Research Activity

  • Publication of health textbook and teacher’s guidelines for special school
  • Career seminar for special physical education instructors
  • Establishment of disabled clinic program center
  • Holt wheelchair basketball camp
  • Development of electronic book for special school
  • Inquiry of status of disabled life physical education