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Institute of Natural Science

Institute of Natural Science


The institute of natural science was established in 1996 in order to promote the quality of university education and development of technology industry through the research on the basic and application field of natural science. For this purpose, the institute of natural science jointly selects the assignment by constructing the industry and academic cooperation system and executes the in-depth research by sharing technology and expensive equipment so as to keep the position as the successful model for the industry and academic cooperation that returns the fruitiness to the society.

Main Business

  • Technology transfer cooperation and joint study with domestic and overseas research institute
  • Hosting research presentation, lecture and opened lecture
  • Promotion of technology support research center for small and medium business
  • Publication of academic research paper and other periodicals
  • Attraction of domestic conference and workshop
  • Expansion of manpower exchange between industry and academic field

Research Activity

  • Research on the embodiment of high quality of image system on the road
  • Design of expansion construction of sewage disposal facility
  • Development of rehabilitative business model in health center in Euiwang-si
  • Measure of the preservation of habitat for lightning bug at Gyeongan-cheon, Yongin-si
  • Publication of paper in the institute of natural science
  • Negotiation of review for the Gyeongin canal
  • Inquiry for nationwide natural environment
  • Review the risk factors of living modified organism (LMO) on environment
  • Conclusion of contract for industry and academic cooperation