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Institute of Industry & Business Management


The institute of industry & business management was established in 1996 to embody the industry & academic cooperation through the theoretical and practical research on the management and economy. This institute supports the small and medium business to secure the competitiveness through the diagnosis of management and consulting and contributes to improve the citizen welfare through the focused research on urban industry and economy.

Main Business

  • Inquiry and research on corporation management and industry development
  • Industry and academic cooperation activity through diagnosis of management, consultant, educational training of small and medium business
  • Publication of periodicals and report on the research business
  • Inquiry and research on the outsourced faculty and execution and consultant of diagnosis of corporation
  • Hosting research presentation, lecture and other academic conferences and academic research exchange and joint study
  • Other business that matches with the purpose of this institute

Research Activity

  • Request from Hyundai electronic industry “Analysis of demands for the construction of integral information system in Korea Tobacco and Ginseng Corp.”
  • Hosting international symposium Special lecture of “Ideology of environment and national competitiveness”
  • Hosting tourism management society Presentation of “Plans on promotion of competitiveness of tourism industry at regular conference of  tourism management society in 2000”
  • Request from the Fair Trade Commission “Plans on monitoring system of electronic commercial transaction and construction of portal site
  • Request from Korea Expressway Corporation “Kinds of vehicles that use magnet sensors and development of algorithm for detection of speed”
  • Request from Ellion “Improvement and development of electronic commercial transaction monitoring agent system”
  • Request from Korea Standards Association “Guidelines of utilization of electronic catalogue GTIN”