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Institute of Student Counseling

Institute of Student Counseling


The institute of student counseling was established in 1991 to increase social the adaptation power of students and support desirable university life by solving emotional difficulties in campus life. For this purpose, the institute of student counseling is conducting various activities such as individual and group consultant, emotional test, research and publication activity, seminars and workshops, self-development training program, creativity promotion program and communication program etc.

Main Business

  • Individual emotional test and consult
  • Group consult program
  • Career test and consult
  • Research inquiry and publication activity
  • Seminars and workshops for emotional health

Research Activity

  • Operation of self-growth, development of potential and sociality improvement program
  • Execution of characteristic test, interest test, self-ideology concept test, adaptation diagnosis test
  • Inquiry of status of new students and students’ line of thinking
  • Report the consultant case and research of the theory
  • Publication of paper in the institute of student counseling