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Sports & Wellness Research Center

Sports & Wellness Research Center


Sports & Wellness Research Center, as the subsidiary institute of Yong In University, has been leading the sports science fields in Korea and overseas based on over 50 years of martial sports education. Also, through the scientific and systematic research, it aims to contribute to individual physical power, wellness of life and better competitiveness as well as national health promotion and enhancement of national prestige, focusing on the improvement of physical power, efficiency of action, development of training technique, prevention of sports damage or injury and development of disabled exercise treatment.

Main Business

  • Reinforcement of reputation of Yong In University
  • Vitalization of sports & wellness research center
  • Physical power and health management for students and faculties
  • Physical power and health management for residence and alumni
  • Creation of profitable business
  • Conduction of various projects
  • Construction of various data base

Research Activity

  • Support regular education activity
  • Diagnosis, assessment and prescription of health, life, physical power and exercise performance
  • Analysis, assessment and prescription of exercise technique
  • Support elite athletes and local residents
  • Academic research activity on martial arts and physical education