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Institute for School Teachers

Institute for School Teachers


Information and globalization in the 21st century require visions and people following global trends. The directions of future education are to recreate visions and values for the future. Therefore, the role of the institute is to nurture educational specialists with visions on rapidly-changing educational environment and the future.

The institute has established and enforced subjects and curriculums to nurture specialists and taken its efforts to teach in-depth theories, as well as nurture qualified specialists or leaders.

Operational Goal and Guideline

Operational Goal
  1. Globalization, information, specialization for current education
  2. Academic trends in special fields, latest educational information, performance management system based on assessment standards, proposing improvements in teaching-learning and assessment methods
  3. Nurturing specialists with dignity and character
Nurturing educators for globalization, information and specialization
  • Nurturing specialists who absorb rapidly-changing and developing knowledge and information
  • Nurturing dignity and character as educators
  • Maximizing training with various methods
  • Enforcing performance through interconnection with fields
  • Establishing nationality and duties of teachers
  • Providing amiable atmosphere