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Tour Conductor Program Center


The tourism industry has become more important in line with expanding globalization, strengthening the importance of nurturing special tour conductors. The university was designated as a special organization in 1998 by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and established the tour conductor program center.

The tour conductor is in charge of planning and organizing trips, itineraries, accommodations, travels, interpretation and guide for foreign tourists. The conductor plays a role as a private representative of a country and has been emerged as a specialist with chances to go abroad, high income and flexible working condition. The demand for the tour conductor in Korea has increased due to policies nurturing the tourism industry as a future development engine and the conductor has been emerged as a future specialist already in advanced countries.

The center was established by the government supports for excellent programs and faculty members and has nurtured qualified tour conductors since the establishment through various programs.


Education Program
  • 6 months
  • Certified as tour conducts after taking courses
  • Admission: Document and interview
  • Documents to be submitted: Certificate of graduation and employment status, application
  • Those who took or graduated from tourism-related majors from at least colleges
  • Those who graduated from tourism-related high schools
  • Those who had careers in tourism industry for more than 6 months