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Korea had no room to consider sports activities in early 1960s because its priority was to eliminate economic poverty. However, as the National Sports Promotion Act was established on September 17 1962, people had gradual interest in sports activities and have shown strong desire for upgrading their health and physical strengths and performed physical activities for happy lives.

For the time being, the sports had been considered as individual issues and only a handful enjoyed them. However, currently, sports have been focused on and required as citizen rights and sports activities have taken their deep root in daily lives, affecting various aspects.

The leader of sports for all means a person who leads people and groups who effectively expand health, sports, recreation programs or company sports activities except schools with public participation. As Korean sports have shifted from elite to public ones for increasing health and welfare for the citizens, it is the leader that plays an important role.

Collectively speaking, the leader means all the sports, managerial and administrative leaders who lead groups for the people to take part in programs of public sports associations, private groups, companies, local communities, sports and recreational aspects. Also, the education is done through interaction between ordinary people and leaders.

It is the university that started nurturing leaders of sports for all from Korean universities in 1985 when the university established the department of social sports. The programs of the university were designated in November 29, 1988 for nurturing leaders of sports for all at level 3 in accordance with the Article 11.1 of the National Sports Promotion Act and the Article 22 of the enforcement decree of the Act in 1982. Since then, the academy has provided regular training programs for level 3, the mandatory certificate for those involved in sports majors and people in the sports industry.