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Department of Sports Media

A school nurturing future sports leaders in Korea
Systematic and specialized educational theories and hands-on field training
Sports science school equipped with cutting edge apparatus and materials for experiments
Fostering global sports elites in the areas from sports science to life sports

This program is unique being the only college program of its kind in Korea that we foster experts who deeply understand the mutual relations of sports and media through hands-on practical training and related sports science theories. With the ever-increasing interests in sports media, this program provides professional education based on theories and field training. Upon graduation, students can proceed with sports journalist, sportscaster, sports producer, sports cameraman or editor, sports marketer, sports equipment manufacturer or salesman and related facility manager.

Program Objectives

The very purpose of our only existing program in Korea is to foster sports media elites equipped with knowledge both in theories and practical techniques of various areas to meet the demands of the 21st century through scientific and systematic approach to the study of physical education with also focusing on developing creativity. With our professional hands-on field training, all graduates are to have mastered at least one sports media related field training course.

Educational Goals

To foster sports media experts who understand the ever-rising importance of sports mass media with knowledge in related sports science theories and practical techniques. Furthermore, they are expected to be capable of rationally managing sports mass media organizations of television, radio, newspaper, magazine and advertising by conducting scientific researches on sports communication related concepts, theories, and techniques.

Education Programs

During their first and the second year, by completing foundation core courses including sports media theory, sports communication, introduction to multimedia, introduction to sports broadcast and field training of ski and golf, students become ready for courses of next professional level. The third and the fourth year curriculum consist of professional trainings for practical producing techniques by focusing on field training in which students are encountered with works of sports newspaper, photography and computer graphic jobs in reality. In addition, students learn sports media management and marketing related theories in order to be ready for future professional managing opportunities in the field of sports media.

Department Characteristics

With the ever-rising demand for sports media majors, our school is the only existing professional program in Korea fostering all students with opportunities to master at least one sports media related field training. Our campus enjoys the advantages of being surrounded by major domestic broadcasting companies such as KBS, MBC, SBS, satellite sports TV, and iTV and the local newspaper companies like Kyeonggi Ilbo and Kyeongin Ilbo which give students opportunities to have co-op and internship experiences. Thus, graduates with such strong practical techniques become strong candidates for reporter, cameraman, editor, producer, commentator and sports marketer in advertising agencies, sports media expert in professional sports teams, leagues, organizations and university department of athletics, sports equipment manufacturer or salesman and professional manager in sports and recreational facilities


  • Oh, Joon-suhk
    • Bachelor's Degree : Yonsei University (B.Sc.)
    • Master's Degree : Yonsei University (M.PhEd.)
    • Doctorate Degree : Sejong University (D.Sc.)
  • Seong, Nak-hun
    • Bachelor's Degree : Yong-in University (B.PhEd)
    • Master's Degree : Myongji University (M.PhEd)
    • Doctorate Degree : US) New Mexico State University (D.Sc.)