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Department of Golf

The University trains excellent leaders of sports in Korea
The curriculum is based on systematic theory and real life situations
The College of Physical Exercise Science is equipped with cutting-edge materials
We train global leaders of sports in Korea from the areas of sports science to daily life sports.

In order to heighten the specialty of the department, the Department of Golf facilities includes an excellent golf practicing course to train the best manpower possible. We support our students in advancing into the PGA and LPGA and encourage students to attend the assorted competitions sponsored by the KGA, PGA, University associations, etc, so as to improve their capacity from each of these various experiences. We also provide educational courses to help students become experts in golf related industries after graduation.

Program Objectives

The Department of Golf aims to train excellent professional golf players who can win world championships while also training professional instructors with firm knowledge in golf from learning golf theory and practices based on systematic and scientific education throughout the academic educational programs offered.

Educational Goals

  • Training professional leaders who can contribute to golf and the golf industry
  • Training international experts such as instructors, managers and golf course designers

Education Programs

The curriculum of the Department of Golf is classified into basic courses that focus on the basic principles and practicing education and specified courses that aim to transfer in-depth training and know-how to the management of tomorrow. During the first year, it focuses on the improvement of power as well as understanding of the basic principles of golf. In the second year, students learn about the basic theories such as rules and terms of golf, course and grass management, practical game know-how and coaching methodologies. In the third year, students are set to start professional practices based on systematic training regarding the selection of tools and course strategy, on the other hand, they are also taught about management and marketing etc. In the fourth year, students are prepared to undertake fundamental matches as well as complete course designs.

Department Characteristics

The Department of Golf houses an excellent facility as well as outstanding polices to support students who go overseas based on professional training. For this purpose, there are swing form analyzers and video labs and all-around golf practicing fields with sand traps and putting greens. Also, in accordance with our sisterhood with Victoria university in Australia and the PGCC in the US, we are supporting students that go overseas as transfer students. In addition, in order to encourage students to go abroad, the class is operated in English to foster growth as professional golfers in the world. We also encourage our students to attend assorted competitions sponsored by golf associations and university golf associations to improve their capacity. Moreover, we are encouraging students to acquire licenses as instructors, semi-professional and tour professionals during the program.


  • Kim, kye-jun
    • Bachelor's Degree : Hanyang University (Bachelor's Degree in Physical Exercise)
    • Master's Degree : Hanyang University (Master's Degree in Pedagogy)
    • Doctorate Degree : Hanyang University (Doctorate Degree in Science)
  • Paek, Byung-joo
    • Bachelor's Degree : Yonsei University (Bachelor's Degree in Physical Exercise)
    • Master's Degree : Yonsei University (Master's Degree in Physical Exercise)
    • Doctorate Degree : USA) Ohio State University (Doctorate Degree in Physical Exercise)
  • Hur, Nam-yang
    • Bachelor's Degree : Chuncheon National University of Education (Bachelor's Degree)
    • Bachelor's Degree : Wonju University (Bachelor's Degree in Administration)
    • Bachelor's Degree : Kyung Hee University (Bachelor's Degree in Physical Exercise)
    • Master's Degree : Kyung Hee University (Master's Degree in Pedagogy)
    • Doctorate Degree : Myong Ji University (Doctorate Degree in Science)