Undergraduate Programs

Korean Language & Culture Center

Department  of Life Design

Fostering public health & welfare experts dreaming LOHAS (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability)
Helping to build a healthier world with especial warm hearts of Yongin-ers 
Integrated approaches to issues in public health & welfare in the 21st century such as soaring population of senior citizens and growing interests in health and well-being

The modern society has new social issues including rapid increase in the aged, women participation in society, income growth and relative poverty. In this trend, the department nurtures specialists who assist and adjust human lives. The life design has been emerged as a part of social welfare in advanced countries. The department has changed from the department of social welfare and the graduates enter fields for social workers.

Program Objectives

  • Expanding academic background of social welfare in modern society :
    The department aims at nurturing positive, active and expanded social welfare through integrating related subjects which enrich human lives from birth to death, as well as encompassing existing curriculums of the social welfare department.

Educational Goals

  • Nurturing characters and capabilities as social workers
  • Providing balanced social welfare education in theories and exercises
  • Nurturing experts who actively face demands from society and fields
  • Distinguishing major by providing in-depth selective courses for upgrading life qualities
  • Exploring future expertise preparing and enjoying well-being

Education Programs

The department aims at developing various selective subjects other than ones required by the Korean government for social welfare major and securing distinction from other departments by providing in-depth core subjects related to upgrading quality of lives in well-being society. For example, the barrier-free and universal design which seeks to build a society for the disabled, residential environment to improve spaces for all the people and lives, cultural arts to plan various social welfare programs by understanding arts and combining with social welfare and urban economy and housing policies which analyze poverty and urban issues with economic aspects and seek solutions with policies. These are the unique subjects of the department. Also, the department requires students to take mandatory courses like information management, sports and health management, life development and nutrition management and recreation which directly and indirectly affect well-being to expand majors, as well as understand modern society.

Department Characteristics

The department provides infrastructure, as well as various subjects related to upgrading quality of lives to students. The university is specialized in sports and special sports department directly connected to health and has abundant human resources in the physical therapy, the senior welfare and the food science and nutrition departments, as well as the departments cultural heritage, Korean traditional music and dance. This provides lots of chances for students to take lectures on upgrading life qualities. In addition, the university secures excellent faculty members in human resources pool to provide integrated education on health, culture, arts, sports and economics and implements the Bachelor’s Degree policies securing students to take various majors.


  • Jeon, Sun-young
    • Bachelor's Degree : Seoul Women's University (B.A.)
    • Master's Degree : Seoul Women's University (M.A.)
    • Doctorate Degree : Seoul Women's University (D.S.W.)