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Department of Logistics Statistics & Information Systems

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It is our aim to lay the groundwork for future high-class professionals in the field of logistics statistics and information systems. With rapid growth of logistics industry, there is a soaring demand of demand-specific experts tied with logistics gurus. With this in mind, we focus our program on statistical techniques, data processing, and courses specifically designed for logistics consultant examination along with emphasis on hands-on field training. Students normally write exams for logistics consultants and circulation administrator certifications during their course of study. Upon graduation, they proceed to airline companies, shipping companies, logistics management department in manufacturing and service industries, and consulting firms.

Program Objectives

The department aims at nurturing global logistics experts with theoretical and practical backgrounds of logistics.

Educational Goals

  • Nurturing logistics experts leading innovations
  • Fostering theoretical and practical backgrounds
  • Nurturing logistics experts capable of analyzing and representing information
  • Growing duties to regions, country and human

Education Programs

The freshmen take courses of fundamental subjects related to mathematics and various program subjects. The sophomores learn various statistics methods for application of logistics statistics, as well as subjects related to logistics engineers, mandatory for graduation and set their foundation as logistics experts. Each subject consists of practices based on theoretical background, focusing on upgrading capabilities of students. In addition, the department invites heads of logistics institutes and centers to actively cope with social demands, discuss cutting-edge technologies and reflect the contents on curriculums.

Department Characteristics

  • Injecting statistical methods into the logistics
  • Practical education based on industry-academy cooperation (signing MOUs with local large companies)
  • Nurturing practical human resources based on theoretical background under the banner of “Global logistics expetrs”
  • Training logistics experts with global minds
  • Achieving certificate of logistics engineers for all the graduates (mandatory for graduation)
  • Managing all the systems for undergraduate students
  • Inducing participation of students in research activities


  • Kim, Youn-chong
    • Bachelor's Degree : Sungkyunkwan University (B.Econ.)
    • Master's Degree : Sungkyunkwan University (M.Econ.)
    • Doctorate Degree : Sungkyunkwan University (D.Econ.)
  • Yoo, Jong Young
    • Bachelor's Degree : Sungkyunkwan University (B.Econ.)
    • Master's Degree : Seoul National University (M.Sc.)
    • Doctorate Degree : Sungkyunkwan University (D.Econ.)
  • Kim, Yong-chul
    • Bachelor's Degree : Kyung Hee University (B.Sc.)
    • Master's Degree : US) University of Missouri (M.Stat.)
    • Doctorate Degree : US) University of Missouri (D.Sc.)