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Department of Computer Science

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We nurture our students to become professional workforces equipped with solid theoretical backgrounds of computer and practical work experiences. Especially, we are committed to cultivate specialized software engineers who deal with Web or Mobile based system design or structuring. We offer practical technique-centered education through 6 laboratories of programming, database, and network, and most up-to-date servers and computers as well as various sets of software. Most importantly, the graduating class strives to maximize their hands-on techniques through internships and Capstone project program in which students can work with a professor individually. Upon graduation, students have a wide range of career opportunities to computer programmer, developing application software for web/mobile games, software instructor, communication and network management, corporate and venture business laboratories and etc.

Program Objectives

Recently, the information society has moved to a new society through IT innovation based on convergence in computer, telecommunication and broadcasting technologies. In this trend, the department aims at leading the information-driven society and nurturing computer experts with creatively solving problems.

Educational Goals

  • Nurturing creative software engineers based on knowledge and practices in software sector
  • Nurturing software engineers who construct web- and mobile-based system design
  • Nurturing responsible and ethic experts
  • Nurturing technicians with duties of society, country and human

Education Programs

The programs of the department features projects with 2 or 3 subjects to nurture engineers to design and construct web- and mobile-based systems, as well as understand and apply computer science and IT-related subjects. In addition, the department nurtures specialists suitable for international market with capabilities in their majors, as well as language proficiencies. To this end, the main subjects include web programming, IT English, programming languages, software engineering, telecommunication, database, computer operating system, AI, projects and IT presentations

Department Characteristics

The 21st century is knowledge-based society. Here, the influence of computer and telecommunication has expanded to society and economy. The computer and IT technologies have been rapidly developed for every 10 years and the time gets shorter. The industry has shifted its base from hardware to software due to the Internet from digital technology innovation and the demands for software developers of web- and mobile-based programs have been on the rise. In this trend, the department provides theoretical and practical backgrounds of software, web- and mobile-based systems to help students find jobs. The jobs include all the companies and financial institutions utilizing software for strategic purposes (finance, public, logistics, manufacturing, government, local government), technicians and managers in software companies (information search, security, basic software, computer games, word processors, database, middleware manufacturers, specialists in software training, media, PR, information purchase and research institutes and CEOs in software industry who may establish companies with ideas and capabilities


  • Kim, Chul
    • Bachelor's Degree : Yonsei University (B.Eng.)
    • Master's Degree : Kyung Hee University (M.Eng.)
    • Doctorate Degree : Yonsei University (D.Eng.)
  • Kim, Sung-suk
    • Bachelor's Degree : Yeungnam University (B.Eng.)
    • Master's Degree : Ulsan University (M.Eng.)
    • Doctorate Degree : Ulsan University (D.Eng.)
  • Lee, Wan-joo
    • Bachelor's Degree : Yonsei University (B.Eng.)
    • Master's Degree : Yonsei University (M.Eng.)
    • Doctorate Degree : Yonsei University (D.Eng.)