Undergraduate Programs

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Department  of Environmental Science

Enlightening the world with interminable challenges
Numerous field trainings and experiments lead to a stronger in actual workplace
Cultivating elites in the field of natural-science exploring industries, environments, health and life.

We foster professionals specialized in analyzing issues in human health condition and earth environmental pollution, who can also deal with the prevention and treatment processes of pollutant. Our program is to cultivate skills and knowledge that help addressing environmental problems cause by air pollution, water pollution, soil with contaminated compounds, and waste. After completion of their study, students can proceed to environment-related government employee, graduate schools or every type of research institutes, starting up venture businesses, and etc

Program Objectives

The department aims at nurturing specialists with background knowledge and capabilities to understand problems and issues in the environmental pollution, as well as prevent the pollution.

Educational Goals

  • Nurturing human resources who actively handle environmental issues
  • Nurturing human resources who actively handle environmental issues in knowledge-based and information-based society
  • Nurturing human resources with technologies and knowledge to prevent pollutions

Education Programs

The programs consist of subjects to nurture capabilities to cope with environmental issues through theories, practices and field studies. Freshmen and sophomores take courses like chemistry and biology as core subjects and introduction of environment as common subject, as well as introductions of air pollution and water contamination, environment quantity, environmental chemistry and microorganism and experiments. Juniors and seniors take courses like atmosphere analysis, air pollution prevention technologies, water process tests, water treatment technologies, physical and chemical treatment, biological treatment, incineration engineering, water and drainage engineering, waste handling and environmental impact assessment and experiments.

Department Characteristics

The department focuses on studies, experiments and field studies to nurture human resources in the environment industry as the environment science develops to solve environmental issues. The graduates may achieve atmosphere engineers, water engineers and water engineers, as well as enter graduate schools, research institutes and companies. The department provides chances for students and graduates to exchange opinions through MTs for every semester, department introduction and guides. Also, each class has professors to give advice.


  • Choi, Sung-boo
    • Bachelor's Degree : Dong-guk University (B.Eng.)
    • Master's Degree : Dong-guk University (M.Eng.)
    • Doctorate Degree : Dong-guk University (D.Eng.)
  • Lee, Han-Seob
    • Bachelor's Degree : Myongji University (B.Eng.)
    • Master's Degree : Myongji University (M.Eng.)
    • Master's Degree : Germany) Karlsruhe University (M.Eng.)
    • Doctorate Degree : Germany) University of Hannover (D.Natural Science.)
  • Kim, Young-gyu
    • Bachelor's Degree : College of Education, Kongju National University (B.ScEd.)
    • Master's Degree : Seoul National University (M.Health Science.)
    • Doctorate Degree : Seoul National University (D.Health Science.)