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Department of Military Science

A wholly different brand. World class college of martial arts
As it is the representative course in Yong In University based on its philosophy, the students will grown to become international martial specialists.

The Department of Military Science is the one and only department of its kind established in the capital area (Seoul, Gyeonggi Province) and Kangwon Province based on the academic and military agreement with the army. According to the policy set by the agreement, outstanding human resources are selected and they are provided with various benefits and full financial assistance, including government assisted the tuition costs. The program helps to cultivate leadership qualities in these individuals, who enter the army as military officers (ROTC, commissioned officers). This is a cradle that fosters elite military officers and experts with excellent qualities and abilities, individuals who will be ready to meet the demands of the nation and society in the future.
This department is for those of you with big dreams of becoming defenders and leaders of our country in the future! Life is full of challenges and those who take on new challenges head on will make their dreams come true. Achieve your dreams in the Department of Military Science at YIU.

Program Objectives

Our objective is to foster outstanding military experts by training elite commissioned officers, who will play a critical role in national security.

Educational Goals

  • Provide education on the specialized military knowledge required to become commissioned officers and military experts
  • Equip students with basic knowledge to meet the demands of the globalized world in this era of IT and science-based communication
  • Equip students with computer and language skills and cultivate the ability to use these skills
  • Equip students with creative problem-solving and rationalization skills
  • Foster professionals required by the military and society
  • Equip students with a firm belief in nationalism, a correct value system, strong character, strong-mindedness, and the physical strength required to be outstanding leaders
  • Cultivate leadership qualities based on martial arts and the spirit of our director

Education Programs

The Department of Military Science selects outstanding individuals who will play a key role in national security in the future, and provides full financial assistance for the tuition fees incurred during the 4-year program. This is a specialized education program where we instill outstanding qualities such as the character of leaders in our students and educate them in specialized knowledge during the program to facilitate their entry into the military as commissioned officers or military experts.
The education program of the Department of Military Science focuses on developing the key abilities that are necessary to become military officers or military experts, and the program consists of foundation courses, military science research (5 areas), military training and quality improvement fields.
Among the foundation courses, required courses and elective courses are divided into 5 different academic categories in the Military Science Research field. In the 1st and 2nd year, students receive education on related to foundations, and in the 3rd and 4th year, they receive stage-based education in their specialized field of study. The fields of military training and quality improvement consist of barracks experience training (2 weeks in 1st and 2nd year each), boot camp training, basic fitness training, martial arts training, and development of potential capacity (2nd language such as English, Chinese, etc.)
Depending on personal wishes, students may opt for double majors, linked majors or minors; however, double majors are recommended for students of the Department of Military Science and upon graduation, students can obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in 2 specializations. This policy allows the students to further develop their careers as commissioned officers or military experts, and for students who do not desire a long-term military service career, it will be a great stepping stone for social advancement in a different career field.

Department Characteristics

Students, who are selected to enroll in the Department of Military Science of YIU in accordance with the agreement signed by YIU and the Korean National Army, are provided with full financial assistance for the tuition costs incurred during the 4-year program. After graduation, students serve in the military as military officers (second officers) for a specified period of time (can opt for long-term service) before advancing into a different career in society.
Commissioned officer and military expert education programs at general universities The Department of Military Science, which is similar to the military officer training program offered by military academies, has been established at general universities. Our objective is to foster outstanding commissioned officers and military experts that are currently in high demand by our armed services. We have integrated a number of offerings from specialized university programs to create the most effective program in the country. A variety of curriculums are offered in order to foster elite military officers and military experts. We are dedicated to instilling professional knowledge, leadership and military expertise in our students.
Outstanding individuals are selected as they must play an important role in leading troops (soldiers) upon entering the army as commissioned officers, and they are granted numerous benefits.