Undergraduate Programs

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Department  of Combative Martial Arts Training

A wholly different brand. World class college of martial arts
As it is the representative course in Yong In University based on its philosophy, the students will grown to become international martial specialists.

The department of combative martial arts training freely operates wrestling, Korean wrestling and boxing in order to train combative martial arts instructors to contribute to the prosperity of the nation and society along with scientific research as well as humanity based on specialized theory. Through the harmonized education between practice and theory and systematic as well as scientific training, it has succeeded as one of the great traditions of Korea.
After graduation, the graduate is open to work as a specialist in various physical exercise fields such as sports related institutes, public officers, policemen, and security service field etc. Also, it is possible to undergo in-depth academic activities in graduate school.

Program Objectives

The objective of this program is to train an international specialized combative martial arts instructor who will succeed in promoting the superiority of Korea as a strong country for combative martial arts by training excellent instructors with a high level of capacity pacing with global physical exercise trends.

Educational Goals

  • Training of international combative martial arts instructors
  • Training of scientific and systematic combative martial arts instructors
  • Training of investigational and active combative martial arts instructors

Education Programs

The department of combative martial arts training freely and independently operates wrestling, Korean wrestling and boxing and applies both theory and practices in mutual supplementary relationships. Under the capable professors’ instruction for basic techniques and comprehensive techniques that are necessary in each field, the program develops more reasonable teaching methodology by more scientific and systematic inquiry. It is required of the students to fulfill the basic technique and practice tests for graduation.

Department Characteristics

The students in the department of combative martial arts training are participating in society as the directors or instructors through the harmonized training. After 4 years of course, the license of judgment is provided and it educates students to cultivate the best combative techniques through the interim and term-end tests. It also focuses on students’ careers after graduation by collecting job information such as public officers, security service area and mass media information and graduate school entrance information and collaboration with job welfare departments. Under the responsibility of the in-charge professor, by grasping the applicants for combative martial arts coach and social physical exercise applicants, it helps students to set their career paths. Owing to this dedicated instruction, students can realize good records in international competition as well as become reborn as the best physical exercise instructors possible.


  • Chang, Ho-sung
    • Bachelor's Degree at Physical Exercise: Dongkook University (Bachelor's Degree at Agriculture)
    • Master's Degree: Dongkook University (Master's Degree at Pedagogy)
    • Doctorate Degree: Philippine) Araneta University (Doctorate Degree at Pedagogy)
  • Kim, Jin-pyo
    • Bachelor's Degree at Physical Exercise: Yong In University (Bachelor's Degree at Physical Exercise)
    • Master's Degree: Myongji University (Master's Degree at Pedagogy)
    • Doctorate Degree: Korea National Sport University (Doctorate Degree at Science)