Undergraduate Programs

Korean Language & Culture Center

Department of English

Fostering global elites to meet a world demand through systematic curriculum
Distinguished business and public administration program training students with concentrated studies
Cultivating global management specialists capable of dealing with fast-paced domestic and international business environment

It is our purpose to foster global professionals that globalized 21st century calls for. We strive to provide living education through high-tech audio-visual facilities which allow students to acquire comprehensive English language ability in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Along with English native-speaking professors, we are making diversification efforts which will provide students lots of opportunities to use English through various special lectures, and events. After students graduate, they proceed to all areas needing English skills such as trading companies, banking organs, airlines, translating companies, and professional translator.

Program Objectives

It is our purpose to produce global professionals who can distinguish themselves in this 21st century in which boundaries between nations are collapsing

Educational Goals

  • By more focusing on hands-on techniques than literature-based education we cultivate professionals equipped with practical language proficiency
  • Mastering the language with proficiency
  • Gaining comprehensive understandings on the English-speaking countries with knowledge in humanities
  • Producing global professional leaders by focusing on conversational English with intensive training

Education Programs

The curriculum in the department of English consists of fundamental part and intensive part. During the first year of study, students learn both Chinese and English which are two prominent languages in the current international society. In the second year, they take classes in areas of conversational English, English language study and English literature. For the last two years, students take not only classics such as English poet and juvenile literature but also practical English-centered classes of conversational of current events, document writing, presentation in English, internet English information search, and English-Korean translation. Through these curriculums, students maximize their hands-on language abilities that are welcomed in actual work setting.

Department Characteristics

The department of English strives to grow experts in the field by equipping them with professional and practical English techniques in this globalized 21st century world where English is considered as an essential tool in every area. So, we have made change to the pre-existing language-literature focused education by promoting systematic training in reading, writing, listening, and speaking for balanced language proficiency. And our English education program is focused on hands-on techniques demanded by actual work places in society. Moreover, we offer courses in cultures and traditions of the English-speaking countries encouraging students to have broad perspective and be able to read the current trends of international society. In the department of English as parts of our commitment to nurture true global leaders, we have hired native-speaking professors and prepared multimedia and internet as educational equipments in order for solid and internationalizing education.


  • Han, Il-dong
    • Bachelor's Degree : College of Education, Kongju National University (B.A.)
    • Master's Degree : Yonsei University (M.A.)
    • Doctorate Degree : Dankook University (D.A.)
  • Ko, Kyeong-ha
    • Bachelor's Degree : Seoul National University (B.A.)
    • Master's Degree : Seoul National University (M.A.)
    • Doctorate Degree : Seoul National University (D.A.)
  • Minn, Kyung-sook
    • Bachelor's Degree : Ewha Women’s University (B.A.)
    • Master's Degree : France) Sorbonne Nouvelle University (M.Comparative Literature.)
    • Doctorate Degree : France) Sorbonne Nouvelle University (M.Comparative Literature)
  • Jung, So-Young
    • Bachelor's Degree : Seoul National University (B.A.)
    • Master's Degree : Seoul National University (M.A.)
    • Doctorate Degree : Seoul National University (D.A.)
  • Choi, Jeong-Sook
    • Bachelor's Degree : Chonbuk University (B.A.)
    • Master's Degree : Chonbuk University (M.A.)
    • Doctorate Degree : US) Southern lllinois University (TESOL)
  • Haekyung Cha
    • Bachelor's Degree : Catholic University of Korea (B.A.)
    • Master's Degree : US) Florida State University (TESOL)
    • Doctorate Degree : US) Florida State University (TESOL)
  • Hong, Seongju
    • Bachelor's Degree : Chung-ang University (B.A.)
    • Master's Degree : Chung-ang University (M.A.)
    • Doctorate Degree : Chung-ang University (D.A.)
    • Master's Degree : US) Arizona State University (TESOL)