Undergraduate Programs

Korean Language & Culture Center

Department of Management Information Systems

Fostering global elites to meet a world demand through systematic curriculum
Distinguished business and public administration program training students with concentrated studies
Cultivating global management specialists capable of dealing with fast-paced domestic and international business environment

It is our purpose to cultivate competent professional experts equipped with systematic and in-depth knowledge information. We aim to provide practical education that develops management information system which supports decision-making in management practices through the information processing techniques of internet, e-business, system analysis and design, database, and software engineering. Upon graduation, students will obtain authorized English test score and a certification for information processing technician on the top of the experiences in projects. They proceed to data processing government employees, academia, managing research institutes, system development consulting firms, software development companies, and data processing team or MIS in corporate or banking financial agencies.

Program Objectives

It is our aim to cultivate outstanding computer experts in the actual work settings of management information system, e-commerce, computer language, management science.

Educational Goals

  • Fostering global professional leaders in the 21st century
  • Nurturing experts developing integrated management information system for effective business practices
  • Providing well-balanced education between Information Technology and business administration
  • Educating hands-on skills applicable to real work settings

Education Programs

Our curriculum consists of management information system, web design, data base management, management, introduction to management, e-commerce, computer language, cyber management, management science, decision making support system, information statistics, system analysis and design, software engineering, and etc. Specifically we are committed to nurture excellent professionals equipped with hands-on computer knowledge and techniques.

Department Characteristics

Our department aims to the field-training-centered education developing decision making supportive system which is rooted in information processing techniques such as internet, database, software engineering, and etc. Also, to assist internet-based management practices, we also have intensive professional courses for business model developer, web master, web programmer, and etc. Candidates for graduation strengthen their competitiveness by achieving certifications in project execution, information processing, and authorized English test scores. Management information major students can proceed not only to corporate management field but also various other areas that use computer. Graduates have been playing their significant roles in academia, internet corporate, software developing firm, information system departments in general corporate and banking organs, government employee and other areas in society.


  • Han, Boo-hak
    • Bachelor's Degree : Yonsei University (B.Eng.)
    • Master's Degree : US) Texas Tech University (M.Eng.)
    • Doctorate Degree : US) Arizona State University (D.Eng.)
  • Hahn, Daewoon
    • Bachelor's Degree : Seoul National University (B.Ed.)
    • Master's Degree : Seoul National University (M.B.A.)
    • Doctorate Degree : US) Georgia State University (D.B.A.)
  • Sung Nahk Hyun
    • Bachelor's Degree : Seoul National University (B.B.A.)
    • Master's Degree : Korea Advanced Institute of Science (M.Management Science.)
    • Doctorate Degree : Korea Advanced Institute of Science (D.Management Engineering.)