Undergraduate Programs

Korean Language & Culture Center

Department of Culture&Tourism

Fostering global elites to meet a world demand through systematic curriculum
Distinguished business and public administration program training students with concentrated studies
Cultivating global management specialists capable of dealing with fast-paced domestic and international business environment

We foster global professional experts in the field who are to promote tourism and improve the quality of life. With ever-growing tourism as the blue chip industry in our 21st century, for students to be competent in an extensive field of tourism we support them to have internship program and diverse up-to-date subjects of studies including foreign language programs with running a tour conductor training institute. Upon graduation, students face a variety of career options in the field of tourism and the employment rate of graduates has been high.

Program Objectives

For the development of higher value-added business, it is very important to foster outstanding human resources. Therefore, in Yong-in University, it is our aim to nurture excellent professionals who are to be future leaders in the field of culture and tourism. And it is their role to raise our nation’s status to a higher level and moreover contribute to improve the quality of human beings’ lives.

Educational Goals

  • Fostering global professionals demanded by international societies
  • Promoting international friendship through tourism exchange between nations
  • Nurturing tourism experts equipped with theoretical backgrounds as well as practical techniques
  • Turning out tourism experts with future-oriented mindsets

Education Programs

Culture & Tourism department offers a curriculum in which students take fundamentals during their first two years and intensive courses during next two years of study. Throughout taking fundamental courses, students form scientific and analytical thinking in relation to tourism, economics, and business administration. They can also pursue joint degrees with English or Japanese which are essentials in tourism industries. For intensive course, our faculty members according to their specialized areas, provide professional education on hotel management, resort development, tourism and service, tourism industry, theme park management and etc. Furthermore, we run internship programs which provide students with opportunities to apply their theoretical backgrounds into actual hands-on work settings in the areas of hotel industries, tourism industries, resort and theme park industries, and etc.

Department Characteristics

Every nation around the world is making their effort for the development of the tourism industries since it is the highest value-added are in the 21st century. Korea, also acknowledging the significance of tourism industries, has been promoting the growth of tourism by hosting international conferences such as G20 and ASEM (Asia Europe Meeting) as well as international mega events like Worldcup, Asian game, IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federation) World Championships, and etc. Tourism study deals with not just the travel industries but is getting expanded to cruise industries, resort and theme park, international tourism marketing and etc. So, Yong-in University has been extremely supportive to cultivate professionals equipped with practical techniques as well as experiences in order for the advancement of culture and tourism industries in Korea. For effective internship program, we run nation top-class hotel field training room and aerial tourism training room. Also to cultivate professional domestic and international travelling guides, we have Tour Conductor training institute. We also support students with exchange program by sending them to the sister universities in the US, Australia, China and etc every year. Graduates maintain high employment rate in the areas of various professional tourism marketing industries.


  • Kim, Dae-woo
    • Bachelor's Degree : Dankook University (B.Econ.)
    • Master's Degree : Yonsei University (M.Econ.)
    • Doctorate Degree : Kyungwon University (D.Econ.)
  • Won, Yoong-hee
    • Bachelor's Degree : Kyong-gi University (B.Econ.)
    • Master's Degree : Kyung Hee University (M.B.A.)
    • Doctorate Degree : Sejong University (D.B.A.)
  • Lee, Don-jae
    • Bachelor's Degree : Chung-ang University (B.Econ.)
    • Master's Degree : Chung-ang University (M.Econ.)
    • Doctorate Degree : Chung-ang University (D.Econ.)
  • Kim, Cheon-joong
    • Bachelor's Degree : Kyong-gi University (B.Tourism Administration.)
    • Master's Degree : Kyong-gi University (M.Tourism Admnistration))
    • Doctorate Degree : Kyong-gi University (D.B.A.)
  • Choi Soo Jin
    • Bachelor's Degree : Chonnam National University (B.A.)
    • Master's Degree : Sejong University (M.B.A.)
    • Doctorate Degree : US) Purdue University (D.Tourism)
  • John Rodger
    • Master's Degree : UK) Sheffield Hallam University