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Department of Business Administration

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We foster global professional business experts in the rapidly changing environment of globalization and the information age. We keep our pace with new trends in the internet-related industries through most up-to-date management techniques utilized with computer and internet.
Educating students to be leaders with creative leadership and business mind in the 21st century Korea, we have been observing them proceeding into major firms, public enterprises, certified public accountant, property appraisers, custom services, government employee, international trader, electric commerce manager, real estate salespeople, and etc.

Program Objectives

Our current knowledge age which is rooted in in-depth academic theoretical approaches beyond globalization and informative environments, is evolving into very unpredictable condition. So we aim to cultivate true creative and sincere professionals needed by business enterprises in this rapidly changing environment who are capable of practicing win-win business with others through education on theories and techniques.

Educational Goals

  • Fostering global leaders as professional business managers
  • Cultivating hands-on business experts
  • Nurturing professional consultants certified in business administration related fields

Education Programs

Our curriculum consists of fundamental and degree courses. And in their first year, students take fundamental introductory classes. During their next three years, business administration majors specifically take the degree courses. Following are the courses provided with each brief course description.

[Basic fundamentals in business administration]
These are the compulsory fundamentals provided for business administration majors
Fundamental degree courses : Principles of Economics, Principles of Tax Accounting, Principles of Marketing, Business Statistics

  • A. Accounting: Financial Accounting, Tax Accounting, Accounting Audit, Managerial Accounting
  • B. Personnel Management: Personnel Management, Startup Businesses, Behavior Theory of Organizations, Labor and
        Management, Marketing Strategy, Management Strategy
  • C. Financial Management : Financial Management, Stock Management, International Financial Management,
        Management Analysis
  • D. Marketing : Principles of Marketing, International Marketing, Advertisement, Marketing Research
  • E. Production Management : Management Science, Production and Management Strategy, Production and Operation
        Management, Service Operation Management
  • F. International management : Business English I, Management English, Trade English, Business English II, International
        Marketing English

Department Characteristics

Modern civilization shares its history with the development of capitalism. And the prosperity of modern capitalism society is rooted in the study of business administration. Business administration is most acknowledged subject of study in the modern capitalism society. In reality, the gist of the study is targeted at the operation of all organizations existing in society such as corporate, government institutions, every kind financial organs, and nonprofit religious and educational organizations.

Therefore, we provide various fundamental business administration courses for all students with even other majors to allow them all to have business administrative competence whichever field they proceed to. In intensive courses, many courses are provided so that students have options to choose according to his or her interests.

Especially, we encourage students to go for double majors choosing another subject of study along with business administration degree. For our students to be fully ready as professional business administrators in this globalized and informative age, we cultivate internet and computer proficiency and have language facilities to foster international businessmen.


  • Cho,Kyung-dong
    • Bachelor's Degree : Sungkyunkwan University (B.P.A.)
    • Master's Degree : Sungkyunkwan University (M.B.A.)
    • Doctorate Degree : Sungkyunkwan University (D.B.A.)
  • Shin, Seung-kook
    • Bachelor's Degree : Hanyang University (B.B.A.)
    • Master's Degree : Hanyang University (M.B.A.)
    • Doctorate Degree : Hanyang University (D.B.A.)
  • Song, Ho-Dal
    • Bachelor's Degree : Keimyung University (B.B.A.)
    • Master's Degree : Kyungpook University (M.B.A.)
    • Doctorate Degree : Keimyung University (D.B.A.)
  • Paek, Jun-ho
    • Bachelor's Degree : Yonsei University (B.B.A.)
    • Master's Degree : US) Wisconsin State University (M.B.A.)
    • Master's Degree : Yonsei University (M.B.A.)
    • Doctorate Degree : US) Nebraska State University (D.B.A.)
  • Lee, Soo-chul
    • Bachelor's Degree : Seoul National University (B.Eng.)
    • Master's Degree : US) California State University East Bay (M.B.A.)
    • Doctorate Degree : US) Kent State University (D.B.A.)
  • Hwang, Ho-jong
    • Bachelor's Degree : Korea University (B.B.A.)
    • Master's Degree : US) Eastern Washington University (M.B.A.)
    • Doctorate Degree : Dong-guk University (D.B.A.)
  • Lee, Moonsik
    • Bachelor's Degree : Yonsei University (B.Econ.)
    • Master's Degree : Yonsei University (M.Econ.)
    • Doctorate Degree : US) State University of New York (D.Econ.)
  • Steve Grant Bollen
    • Bachelor's Degree : Australia) Monash University (M.Commerce.)
    • Master's Degree : Australia) Monash University (M.Marketing.)