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Graduate School of Business Administration


The world is now welcoming the age of multidisciplinary knowledge as a new management environment. In order to stay competitive in the fast changing society, we have to continue to learn new management information. Our graduate school of business administration has diverse, outstanding faculty members and offers the CEO program and Masters degree program for 21st –century CEOs and top leaders.

Principal’s Greetings

TAs the 21st century progresses, changes are taking place at a much faster pace and our society is becoming an increasingly knowledge-based one in which digital revolution is in full force. In this time of change, many people are falling behind but for some now is a time of unlimited opportunities and success. We need to become those who are ready for changes. Yong In Graduate School of Business Administration was founded to adopt to rapid changes and provide fast, accurate information. We are proud that leaders from a wide spectrum of sectors chose our program and are now playing an important role in their field. We know that you are busy with work, but we will be honored if you choose to work with us turn a sea of changes into a sea of opportunities.

Principal of graduate school of business administration, Ho-Dal SONG