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Graduate School of Sports Science


Yongin Graduate School of Sports Science was established in 1996 and is Korea’s biggest sports graduate school that has five departments consisting of Sports Science, Community Sports and Leisure, Security Service, Golf, Special Physical Education), which are further divided into eight major fields. The graduate school’s founding purpose is to reflect the two major principles of Yongin University, perform research the academic theory and application of sports science and to nurture sports leaders who will work for the nation and the humanity.

Principal’s Greetings

The success of Seoul Olympics, economic growth, and social change greatly raised our expectation of the quality of life and standards.
The increasing leisure time led to the pursuit of better life, and naturally more people began to participate sports programs. Buy there was a shortage of diverse sports programs and trainers to satisfy the demand. These days there is a high demand professional trainers who can help teach people how to improve their physical strength and preventive methods against injuries. To meet the demand, our graduate school was created to nurture professional sports leaders (sports science, martial arts, special sports, recreations, golf, etc) as well as security service professionals. The graduate school has talented faculty members who have passion for teaching, and they will help you become great sports leaders and security service professionals.

Principal of graduate school of sports science, Hyo-Gu JO