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About YIU Graduate School

Since the establishment of YIU Graduate School in 1993 we have made great efforts in order to form a superior education environment and maintain the highest standard of studies. 7 academic courses in the Doctorate program (Physical Education, Dance, Environmental Health, Business Administration, Security Services, Physical Therapy and Martial Arts), 7 courses in the Master’s program (Physical Education, Dance, Environmental Health, Food Science & Nutrition, Security Services, Life Science, and Martial Arts), and the Doctorate & Master’s unification program has been established. In the Master’s program, research in each professional field is taught based on the general and professional studies taught in undergraduate studies, and especially focus on collecting, analyzing and colligating materials as well as mastery of research methods. In the Doctorate program, the focus is to investigate each professional field in depth based on the overall capacity and research methods trained through the Master’s program, and to make a contributing modification in the existing scholarly theories or to cultivate originality in a new theory in order to have sufficient ability to lead in each professional field. Also, we have superior faculty and have the newest research facilities and we are performing new researches which we are publishing in various journals inside and outside of the country.

President’s Welcome Message

The 21st century is being called the period of information revolution. As the modern society has set in as an information society and a society based on knowledge, there is an increased need for high-ranking professional workers with more advanced knowledge and creative ability. The professional knowledge that is required in this highly industrialized society may be obtained in graduate school, so the importance of graduate school is being emphasized. Even professional knowledge will be dismissed if it is not actively managed according to the rapidly changing information society. Therefore, YIU Graduate School is devoting its efforts to train capable persons that may accommodate any changes in this information society through scientific research abilities and cultivate teaching abilities in order to actively manage and conduct. Also, we are doing our best to bring up our students as the leading role of the future society through the enthusiastic lectures and guidance of our superior faculty.