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This 21st century is often called ‘the age of culture’. Likewise, especially in the sectors of indexed growth, the effect on employment inducement and a rate of export increase, the culture and content business is being acknowledged as high value-added industry. As of 2008, the size of the worldwide market for content was estimated at 1408.6 billion dollars. This figure easily surpasses the size of the IT and semiconductor markets by far that we are overtly proud of and yet the size of Korea’s content market is estimated at 34.4 billion dollars, which is just a 2.4% share of the worldwide market

Culture content indeed includes a broad range of areas from games, animation, web content, smart phone application to exhibition and performance. And lately it has evolved into a form of content encompassing both on and offline spaces beyond the mere pre-existing idea of one source multi-use. Furthermore, modern society with the keywords of globalization, patency, and technology tends to more value creative professionals capable of designing new culture content based on one’s sensibility and ingenuity than mere hard working technicians.

With this in mind, our newly opened cultural content program in 2011 has been working on how to integrate well-regarded knowledge and resources obtained by other departments into the designing field of cultural art content. More specifically, our educational goal is to cultivate business minded professionals in the field of cultural content, equipped with creative minds, global thinking, and efforts for conscience. Therefore, we support students to attain communication skills and leadership mind through encouraging students to have a broad variety of experiences of cultures, urging foreign language studies, and understanding of culture technology

Program Objectives

In this globalized world where the idea of boundaries between nations is becoming more vague, it is our aim to cultivate global cultural content professionals shaped with creative and conscious mindsets through educating them business minds and providing specialized teaching.

Educational Goals

  • Fostering content planning competence through providing much cultural experiences
  • Intensifying foreign language education and international culture analysis
  • Understanding humanities, social sciences and technology
  • Cultivating business and communicational abilities

Education Programs

The curriculum in the cultural content program has conscience characteristics. In the first year, the course of study is focused on broadening and deepening students’ overall understanding of the subject of cultural content. In their sophomore year, students are encountered with various theoretical models through taking humanities and social science classes. In the third year, they proceed to full-fledged methodological classes in regards to content planning in many different areas. And in the final year of study, they take management-related classes where they experience actual business work environment.

Department Characteristics

The department of cultural content is marching in lockstep with other reputed universities in the aspects of fostering creative cultural content planners through intensifying the education of humanities and social sciences which is the fundamentals of creation. However, we have excellent resources hardly found in other schools in regards to providing lots of cultural consumption and experience which are another significant aspects for creation. For instance, our school of culture and arts include numerous majors that divide into categories of tradition and modern, and visual and exhibition, such as fine art, visual art, digital content design, environmental design, film imaging, dance, Korean music, and cultural heritage. These different majors strive to achieve interdisciplinary synergy effect by breaking down the boundaries and dreaming for the Medici Effect in the Renaissance age. In this environment students are encouraged to be cultivated into professional cultural content planners with options of choosing various degrees and double/joint honors degrees according to one’s interests. Furthermore, we provide opportunities for communication and consilience through running and supporting power station for creation, cultural-art festival, joint workshops, seminars, and etc.


As of July, 2010 faculty members has not been determined yet. Soon to be added.