Undergraduate Programs

Korean Language & Culture Center

Department of Flim

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Curriculum focused on developing performance skills to maximize creativity and professionalism

It is our wish to foster professional elites in the film industry. We have an excellent studio facility that is among the best in the country and highly advanced equipments of synchronous recording film camera, HD shooting equipments and screen systems. We also come into close relation with external experts for top-class field training. After graduation, students proceed to be film director, screenwriters film critic, film researcher, educator, and etc.

Program Objectives

It is our purpose to cultivate professional experts in the field equipped with practical knowledge and techniques who are to be future forefronts in the Korean film industry. By making improvement in pre-existing theory-based curriculum which has been distant from the actual process of film production, we encourage students to be competent in the actual work environment of film and imaging production which is evolving into a new system.

Educational Goals

  • Fostering professional elites in the field that will be equipped with the theories and techniques based on intense education of theoretical knowledge and practical skills
  • Producing ingenious and open-minded experts in the field demanded by rapidly changing film industry

Education Programs

Our curriculum is programmed to nurture professional experts with ingenuity, imagination, and techniques that are demanded by the film & arts industry. The course of study consists of three big parts in which each part pursue its related theoretical knowledge and field trainings: 1) film production with workshops 2) film techniques with field training, and 3) film theory, with basic knowledge screenwriters need to know

Department Characteristics

We provide top-class education through use of the most up-to-date facilities and equipment, professional field-training-focused classes, and close relations with external imaging companies and organizations. We have a studio which is among the best in the nation along with highly advanced equipment, such as ARRIFLEX 35mm 2C, ARRIFLEX 16mm SR, ARRIFLEX 16mm BL synchronous recording camera, AVID Media Composer, MAC G4 Final Cut Pro complier, Pro-Tools digital sound compiler, HMI illuminator, FOSTEX recorder. By having these high-tech equipments, our students are capable of producing their own piece of film on campus and sharing close relationship with the department of theater & musical is another benefit for the professionalism that we pursue by which students can be involved in casting, making stage set or props, costume design, arts, and make-ups. The film pieces created by students with the guidance of top-class faculty have been achieving excellent results in both renowned domestic and international film festivals annually.


  • Kim, Chang-yu
    • Bachelor's Degree : Dong-guk University (B.A.)
    • Master's Degree : US) Ohio University (M.F.A. in Film Production)
  • Lee, Sang-in
    • Bachelor's Degree : Hanyang University (B.A.)
    • Master's Degree : US) Syracuse University (M.F.A.)