Undergraduate Programs

Korean Language & Culture Center

Department of Korean Traditional Music

Awakening the spirit of arts, towards the imagination beyond beauty
A Leader in Korean culture & arts industry
Curriculum focused on developing performance skills to maximize creativity and professionalism

We foster professional Korean traditional musicians and instructors through excellent facilities and teachings of theories, performance, and composing skills based on Yea-Ak (穢惡) idea and with our faculty members of nation-designated human cultural properties. Also, we provide various field trainings by carrying out our annual concert, provincial tour, and international tour. After graduation, students will have a wide range of career options such as traditional music orchestra, professional traditional musician, and etc.

Program Objectives

Our purpose is to create anew traditional culture in this culturally competitive age in which each nation is competing for own cultural benefits through preserving the spirit of our tradition and introducing the excellent legacy to the world.

Educational Goals

  • Focusing on building well-rounded personalities and characteristics
  • Professionalized and systematic performance performance training
  • Fostering professional traditional musicians, who will later contribute in development of Korean culture

Education Programs

The instrumental music program classified into Gayageum (Korean zither with twelve strings), Ahjaeng (a seven-stringed instrument), pipe, Daegeum, Haegeum, percussion majors. And vocal music program has divisions of regular singing, Pansori, Kyung, Seodo Chang and Gayageum byeongchang. In addition to each major having its own performance class, performance classes consist of Korean traditional orchestral music, chamber music, chords, concerto, aria , sight-singing, and music dictation. The theoretical courses include introduction to Korean music, philosophy of national music, Korean music instruments, introduction to Western music, and etc. Students also learn classical court music, traditional folk music, and composition through taking individual or group sized performance tutor classes and orchestral music class in which all students participate as members in small sized chamber music.

Department Characteristics

Our school regularly hold recitals at National Gugak (Korean music) Center and career fair of orchestral music. We have outstanding facilities of 37 rooms for students to practice individually as well as for ensemble, music hall and Korean music instruments exhibit hall. Our faculty members of nation-designated human cultural properties also provide top-class education in the nation. Along with this, we continuously make our effort in cultivating professional and high-quality workforce in the field of Korean music through opening programs in Korean music and Korean music education at graduate level. Students after completion of our outstanding performance-based courses of study, proceed to Korean music orchestra, professional Korean musician, music teacher and etc.


  • Kim, Chung-soo
    • Bachelor's Degree : Seoul National University (B.Mus. in Korean Music)
    • Master's Degree : Hanyang University (M.Ed.)
  • Hahn, Jean
    • Bachelor's Degree : Seoul National University (B.Mus. in Korean Music)
    • Master's Degree : Seoul National University (M.Mus.)